Vice-Swiss Champion !

Im glad to annonce that I’m the new… vice-swiss champion 2016 !

The Swiss Championship took part Saturday 16 July in Delémont. I started really good in the competition aiming to stay close to Lucien Leiser as much as I can. Unfortunately, the vice-world champion in title was too strong at the end. Im really happy about my performance and my feelings on the bike. I was comfortably established ahead the 3rd rider Johan Buchwalder. All the work done earlier in the year has finally paid off and my motivation is better and better every day.

Next competition: 30-31 July for the World Cup in Vöcklabruck, Austria.




The season is over !

The season is over for me and it’s been a tough one, especially with this shoulder injury. It was also difficult for me to end the last competitions with a decent riding and I had literally no more energy.

But I still had a lot of fun riding this year with truly great things along the way like 2 wins, 5 podiums, about 15 paper articles, 2 TV/radio broadcasting, 1 video, 1 comeback and some incredible shows and kids teaching.

Big thanks to my sponsors, my trainer Blaise Brocard, my manager Simon Chappuis, my friends, my family and everyone who supported me ! Now it’s time relax and to prepare for my operation who will be on the 27th October.



New video ! A portrait for 2015

Here’s a 3 minutes portrait about my 2015 season who actually started really well with two victories. Since the video is in french, here’s a little explanation about what I say:

2015 was a complicated season for me. I started with two consecutive victories and some really nice feelings on the bike. A few months later came some complications with a harsh shoulder dislocation during the European Championships in Italy. The doctors weren’t enthusiast at all about my case and they suggest I should stop riding for the season, which I obviously didn’t want at the time. With a little more hard training and a special splint, I did started to ride again and with cool sensations. Later on, I even did qualify for the World Championship in Andorra together with the Swiss Trials Team and I did a decent competition with a still-injured shoulder. That was a personal victory I’m happy about. Now the end of the season is coming within a week and I’ll have an operation at the end of October.

All the rest is in the video, some moves, some nice trials lines and few aerial views to go with it. Have a good watch !