Hello, I am a UX/UI Designer based in Yverdon, Switzerland.

Since 2014, I’ve applied human-centered design practices to various products and elevated experiences that have touched thousands of people.

  • My current position includes leading the UX/UI design for Talk.
  • Previously, I led the user interface design and design system at Aequivalent SA in Yverdon, Switzerland.

Talk Mobile App

I've developed an entire mobile app experience for Talk, an EdTech company.

  • Client: Talk

Talk Admin Console

I created an administration console for Talk, a company specialized in the education industry.

  • Client: Talk

Infomaniak Service Mail App

I helped improve key features in the Infomaniak Service Mail App and restructure the key functionalities to fit human behaviour

  • Client: Infomaniak

Brian App

I helped improve the UX of key features in the Brian mobile application. Brian is specialized in the education industry with AI assistance.

  • Client: Brian AG

Screening Platforms

I led the design of three "background check" web platforms.

  • Client: Aequivalent SA

Mental Performance Accelerator App

I led the product design of a mobile coaching application.

  • Client: Ramdam Coaching

Ride Factory e-commerce

I optimized the e-commerce website by increasing conversion rates, sales & designed the new branding of a retail company.

  • Client: Ride Factory