2nd round of the World Cup in Vöcklabruck, Austria

Last week-end, I took part in the 2nd round of the World Cup in Vöcklabruck, in Austria.

The first challenge of this World Cup: the quarter finals on Saturday, at midday. I start the race well in shape with a first lap at 8 penalties. Already at this stage of the competition, the results are tight between riders and everything could be possible. I am confident on the bike. I realize a better second lap with only 4 points, which makes a total of 12 penalties altogether. I took the second place of these 1/4 finals, qualified for the semi-finals the following day.

On Sunday, still on a very positive mindset, I start the competition on harder obstacles and very long sections. I make several max-penalties and suceed to make a section with 3 penalties. I struggle with a lack of rythm and commitment on these aerial sections. I ended 23rd of the World Cup. Even if I could hope for better, my goal this week-end was to have fun again on the bike and enjoying the sections, with the right mindset. Which I did, and I’m happy with it.

Next event will be the “London Trials Battle”. A new concept of trials in the middle of London City.

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Launching of the 2017 season

In less than a month, it will be the launching of the 2017 season with the first round of the Swiss Cup ! So it is the good moment to give you some good insights of my training.


My trainings between Southern France and Switzerland

As I announced at the end of 2016, I’ve come with changes for my trainings and preparation. First good news, my training has been completed without any injuries this year. I now following my trainings with the renowned coach Franck Martini, based in Istres, in Southern France. I spend half of my time there where I train really hard with other world-class athletes and competitors.

I deeply wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I now am. I’m following intense physical and mental trainings to progress whick implies working hard and working good. I accept re-learning movements, re-learning technics, again and again for months now.

2017 goals

I am really optimistic and I feel my progression day after day. That said, only competition is a good indicator for an athlete and I am impatient to confront myself with other competitors during national and international events.

For this new season I aim the Swiss title in 20 inch and several world top-10, and more in the following months/years.

Before that, I’ll have to focus on the first competition with is the first Swiss Cup close to where I live in Switzerland (Moudon, 14th of May) followed by a World Cup in Aalter, Belgium the following week-end.