Infomaniak Service Mail

I helped improve key features in the Infomaniak Service Mail App and restructure the key functionalities to fit human behaviour

The problems

The current interfaces had problems in various places, which hindered the user experience, as well as the business performance.

  • Lack of clarity, which creates confusion
  • Functionality problems
  • Navigation problems and lack of flow when using the app


I've made a research to gather the main pain-points, both by using the app itself and by checking online of forums to spot problems. 

Infomaniak is lucky to have a lot of customers which are active online, making it a good way of gather useful information to create an impacting UX research.

Emapathy & Storyboarding

In the next to slides, I've made:

  • an empathy sheet gathering both the goals and the pain-points of the users
  • a storyboard showcasing a scenario the user is evolving into.

Creating a new structure

I came to rethink entirely how the bottom navigation worked and creating new feature for the header as well.

Mobile interactive prototypes

I've created different prototypes on the final pixel-perfect UI design that I created using the main colour of the Infomaniak brand.

Open up the interactive prototype

Click on the button below to open up and use the interactive prototype, it's live ;) Thanks for watching !