Swiss Cup & Swiss Championship 26″ in Vordemwald

It was a busy week-end in Vordemwald, a little village close to Rothrist, Switzerland. Like a week ago, it was the Swiss Cup and Swiss Championship the same day, but this time in the 26 inch category. During saturday, I took part in the Swiss Cup the afternoon in the Swiss Championship in the evening.

12:45: start for the Swiss Cup. The sections look nice with granite rocks, logs, beams, concrete tubes and metal reels. Among these obstacles, there is some powerful parts with big gaps and heights but also some really interesting parts with balance and precision on narrow beams. Directly into the competition, I feel good on the “big” bike (with which it took me few days to adapt) and I ended the first lap with 3 points, the second one with 2 and I cleaned the last one. After this nice and tight competition, I took the second place behind Lucien Leiser who took only 3 points. Loris Braun is third with 13 points.

20:00. It’s time to ride the Swiss Championship. The sections are bigger and demanding. On the same obstacles, the sections are different and impressive but I feel good and ready to face anything.
The first section went OK, the second perfect and I fail on the third one when putting a foot down on an almost-impossible-move. I did a truly great fourth section with 0 points and I took a bad five on the last one, loosing balance on a high and tiny part.
I started the same with the second lap but this time I succeed in the third section with one point only. The fourth section went OK but I did another mistake on the last one – pretty stupid this time – going above an arrow with the front wheel.

With three failures during this Swiss Championship, it’s impossible to pretend a good fight for the victory. Despite my good shape and a great attitude – that I’m really happy with – I had to content myself with the third place, 5 points behind Loris Braun. This second place was accessible but with this amount of 5, it’s not easy to come back. But I’m feeling confident, it’s only a matter of time.

I’ve planned an easy next week with light and progressive physical training. I feel quite exhausted after the intense training I’ve follow to prepare the international and national championships in this early season. Just perfect to take time to work the mental training.

I’ll will be off to the BIU European Cup in Valgoglio, Italy, next week-end. A competition that I’m going to compete relaxed with Loris Braun, Lucien Leiser and Yohan Buchwalder. Looking forward to it.

Nice second place at the Swiss Cup, really close to the first

Full focus on balance

To the top of this really big metal reel

Power !

Impressive view from the top




Article in the paper

Nice words on a swiss paper (in french).

To quickly sum up this article, it is about my victory during the Swiss Cup first, and then about my third place during the Swiss Championship, both in Tramelan. It is said that I’m progressing quickly this year and in a really good shape during this first part of the year. Next week-end I’m gonna take part of the Swiss Championship in 26 inch this time. Looking forward !


Swiss Cup & Swiss Championship in Tramelan

Today was a happy and busy day. Two competitions in the same day with the Swiss Cup the morning and then the Swiss Championship during the afternoon.

All went really good the morning. I won the Swiss Cup with only two points during the whole competition. The sections were really interesting with lots of precision in some place and power on other parts. Lucien Leiser is second and Loris Braun third.

The afternoon was the Swiss Championship. The sections were harder and this time was five sections with two laps.
Generally I made some really good moves and I know I’m progressing a lot. The bad thing is that i took two five in the same section because of a part I couldn’t manage to clean. It cost me a lot of points because of a bad appreciation from myself. But it was a really good fight with Loris Braun for the second place and liked it ! Lucien Leiser took the lead with his really good riding, Loris Braun is second and I took the third place.

Big thanks to VTTTT for the great comp, great sections with great people. Keep on rocking !
See you next week for the Swiss Championship, in 26 inch this time.

Winning the Swiss Cup

Looking at the sections under the rain

Morning. Riding with a really wet weather during the Swiss Cup.


Fighting for the Swiss Championship the afternoon.



I’ve tried this big move twice but didn’t succeed unfortunately. So I just fell from this high to the ground..


I was happy to win a watch with the first place during the Swiss Cup and a bronze medal for the Swiss Championship after a big fight. And last but not least, some sweeties..

European Championship

European Championship – Poland

I took part in the UCI European Championship this week-end in Wałbrzych, Poland.

I started the trip on thursday evening with a meeting with the swiss team at 7p.m. in Solothurn to head straight to Poland with a long ride of about twelve hours to spend in the Swiss Cycling car. We arrived the morning after a random sleep to see the sections and register for the competition.

The sections looked interesting with logs, rocks, cable drums and beams. Some tricky parts and big moves.

I started on saturday at 1p.m. I was directly in a good mindset even if I was tired of the long trip we had the day before. It went nicely and I suceed to clean some nice moves. I know I have to increase my power for bigger moves to get to the finals and I’m gonna work for it next week. But generally my level is good and I’m progressing every day. I finished at the 12th position and I’m pretty happy with. Like the earlier competitions of the year, I’m more motivated than ever to get better and better, so everything is positive !

The next big competition will be the Swiss Championship within two weeks, I’m looking forward to it.



World Cup – Krakow

World Cup – Krakow

I took part in the first round of the UCI World Cup this week-end end in Krakow, Poland. My flight landed on wednesday evening and the competition started on friday with the quarter finals. All went pretty good and I ended the selections with only four points and good feeling on the bike.

On saturday afternoon the sections were modified for the semi-finals. I felt in really good shape with my training, bike and mentally prepared. I did a difficult first round with 18 points, struggling on some really big moves but improve a lot the second lap with only 8 points. I had a really nice riding with a strong will to get better in the sections and a positive mind.

With loads of new and really powerful riders, I ended up with the 17th place. I know I can go bigger and I’m happy with this first World Cup of the season.

See you next week-end with the swiss training camp and in two weeks with the European Championship.