Spain – 1st part

I arrived the 1st of February in Spain with my trials rider friend Loïc Vuillème who came with me for two weeks and did the journey with the car. After eight hours and a half I arrived the evening and meet my friend Jonas Kristiansen with whom I’ll share the flat for a month.


The flat is located in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, a little town a few kilometers away from Barcelona. Here, there are a lot of natural and artifical terrains and bikeparks really close to where we live. The weather is great, sunny and the temperature is about 15-20 degrees every day.


After my shoulder surgery in October, I have to be careful to ride too hard the first days while taking back my technical level and getting a good feeling back on the bike.


After a week and a half, the goal is reached but I have to listen to my body carefully. The sensations are coming back quickly and my technique is getting better every single day but my shoulder get tired really easily. From yesterday, I feel exhausted due to the many trials trainings I’m not used to do anymore. I’ll then have a few days rest before gaining intensity for the second part of February.




Green light from the doctors

I’m happy to announce you that, after three months of rehabilitation after my shoulder surgery, I’m now able to start riding my trials bike again. Nonetheless, I have to be careful to do enough reinforcement to assure a good come-back and avoid further injuries.

The consequence of this good news is that I’ll be driving towards Spain in a few days in order to train with the best riders in the world. I want to give you all my warm thanks because it’s because of you that I can live such an experience. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go back pretty well on the bike and I’ll get closer to my goal of being in the top-5 World Ranking since 2018 !

I won’t miss the opportunity to give you feedbacks when I’ll be in Spain.

Show in Grandson

This week-end I did a show together with my teammates Loris Braun and Steve Jordan in Grandson. Four weeks after my shoulder surgery, I wasn’t able to ride my bike so I did the show as a speaker and it was great fun. We had a good time being here on stage.


The crowdfunding was a success

A month ago I started a project together with my manager Simon Chappuis and it turned out really well. We launched a crowdfunding on the website “I Believe In You” to organize a training camp for the entire month of February in Spain with the best riders in the world. A few days ago, it came to a successful end – which means – we reach our budget.

I want to cheerfully thank every person who took part in this project and supported me, that always good to feel that people care about my goals and my projects.

The season is over !

The season is over for me and it’s been a tough one, especially with this shoulder injury. It was also difficult for me to end the last competitions with a decent riding and I had literally no more energy.

But I still had a lot of fun riding this year with truly great things along the way like 2 wins, 5 podiums, about 15 paper articles, 2 TV/radio broadcasting, 1 video, 1 comeback and some incredible shows and kids teaching.

Big thanks to my sponsors, my trainer Blaise Brocard, my manager Simon Chappuis, my friends, my family and everyone who supported me ! Now it’s time relax and to prepare for my operation who will be on the 27th October.