1st place at the Swiss Cup second round

by Jérôme Chapuis // May 4 // 0 Comments

Sunday the 3rd of May is a muddy day, a really muddy day. It’s has been raining for days here in Ropraz where the second round of the Swiss Cup take place.

All the riders from each category begin to ride under the rain on these difficult sections.

Luckily the elite riders have only three rounds of six sections to clean. I start confident on the first section after a good warm up. The next sections are good and I finish the first round at the first position. I have to keep it up like this during two more rounds because Tom Blaser, Lucien Leiser and Loris Braun are close. Lucien make a really good third lap but I won the competition with two points less than him at the end.
I had a great pleasure to ride here even if the weather was pretty terrible. Thanks to all the organizers for making it happen!