Top 10 – World Cup Antwerp !

Jérôme Chapuis in the Top 10 at the World Cup in Antwerp, Belgium
by Jérôme Chapuis // September 29 // 1 Comments

I was in Antwerp, Belgium for the week-end to take part in the last World Cup of the season. All went really good since I’ve made the top 10, performing really good and ending close to the finals I was seeking at. Here’s a few words about this competition.

I was riding the quarter finals on Friday which went nicely and in a good dynamic. I felt confident and rode quickly through the sections, cleaning a lot of them pretty easily. I finished 4th, looking forward to compete the day after in the semi-finals.

On Saturday the sections looked harder and longer but still varied with stones, concrete elements, steel material as well as logs and other wood obstacles. I did a pretty bad start actually. I did two times 5 points on the two first (difficult but doable) sections. But I went on pretty fast and start riding really well all the way through the end. Between big and powerful gaps, balance on logs and beams, determination and speed in long sections, I was well prepared and definitely incredibly motivated to get into the finals. I reached the 10th place of this World Cup instead, which is very good though. I sign the best result of my season here in Belgium.

I’m happy to close the international challenge this way, with this result, this attitude and the crazy motivation I have. I can feel that the work provided has paid now. I know I have the capacity to make it to the finals and it’s probably gonna be for next year. I’m not tired surprisingly, at least compared to the previous years. There is still another Swiss Cup that I’m looking forward to compete in within a few weeks. And then, the season will be over.

Thanks a lot to all the people who were supporting me in Antwerp, my family and friends, so nice of you !