World Championship in Andorra

by Jérôme Chapuis // September 14 // 0 Comments

The Trials World Championships 2015 took part in Andorra and ended on a positive assessment. I finished at the 16th place and I had excellent feelings on the bike even if the result do not reflect what I am capable to achieve. We shouldn’t forget that a month ago, I wasn’t even able to put on a pair of socks due to my shoulder injury.

The main lesson to retain on this competition is that I took all the risks possible on the different parts of the competition. Sometimes it paid, sometimes not. At an international level, my sporting goals remain the same with the goal to reach the top-10 in 2016 and then take my place in the top-5 form 2018 on.

Before thinking of the next season, let’s concentrate on the next competition: I will take part part in the next Swiss Cup on the 19th September in Vordemwald (AG).