European Championship

by Jérôme Chapuis // June 16 // 1 Comments

European Championship – Poland

I took part in the UCI European Championship this week-end in Wałbrzych, Poland.

I started the trip on thursday evening with a meeting with the swiss team at 7p.m. in Solothurn to head straight to Poland with a long ride of about twelve hours to spend in the Swiss Cycling car. We arrived the morning after a random sleep to see the sections and register for the competition.

The sections looked interesting with logs, rocks, cable drums and beams. Some tricky parts and big moves.

I started on saturday at 1p.m. I was directly in a good mindset even if I was tired of the long trip we had the day before. It went nicely and I suceed to clean some nice moves. I know I have to increase my power for bigger moves to get to the finals and I’m gonna work for it next week. But generally my level is good and I’m progressing every day. I finished at the 12th position and I’m pretty happy with. Like the earlier competitions of the year, I’m more motivated than ever to get better and better, so everything is positive !

The next big competition will be the Swiss Championship within two weeks, I’m looking forward to it.