World Cup – Krakow

by Jérôme Chapuis // June 2 // 0 Comments

World Cup – Krakow

I took part in the first round of the UCI World Cup this week-end end in Krakow, Poland. My flight landed on wednesday evening and the competition started on friday with the quarter finals. All went pretty good and I ended the selections with only four points and good feeling on the bike.

On saturday afternoon the sections were modified for the semi-finals. I felt in really good shape with my training, bike and mentally prepared. I did a difficult first round with 18 points, struggling on some really big moves but improve a lot the second lap with only 8 points. I had a really nice riding with a strong will to get better in the sections and a positive mind.

With loads of new and really powerful riders, I ended up with the 17th place. I know I can go bigger and I’m happy with this first World Cup of the season.

See you next week-end with the swiss training camp and in two weeks with the European Championship.